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Dishwashing Liquid - Apple Blossom

26 fl oz 


Greasy dishes? No problem. Harnessing the cleaning power of Clorox®, this Dishwashing Liquid will cut through the toughest messes to leave you with a sparkling clean. Our formula is tough on germs but soft on hands to give you the clean you deserve.





Separate your valuables and wash your crystal glassware, china, and silver pieces separately and carefully. It always helps to rinse these after use for an easier and gentler clean.


For a better and faster wash, clean your eating utensils and glasses first leaving the greasy and messiest pots, pans, and plates for last. This helps prevent spreading the mess onto other, cleaner sink items.


Wash your dishes with warm water. This improves the cleaning power of the dish soap, cuts through greasy messes, and shortens drying time..

How to Use

Washing by hand

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How to Use

Washing by hand

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